Jewellery Sizing Information and Guide

Some of our jewellery is sized.  We want you to find the perfect fit for your Sable Cloud piece, so please take the time to read and use the information below to make sure you order the right size.


Sizing bangles - measured across the diamter (as bangles are handmade, give or take a mm for finished product).

Small - 60mm

Medium - 65mm

Large - 70mm

Standard unsized bangles that you would buy from a high street shop in the UK usually have a diamter of about 63mm.  It does differ depending on shop, style etc, but this should help you when sizing.

Duo Bangle by Sable Cloud Jewellery
Stacker ring set by Sable CLoud Jewellery


Ring sizes are named differently all over the World.  We are based in England and make rings sized in British labels, A through to Z (no half sizes).  If you have a ring that fits, find the nearest size using the chart below.  Alternatively, there are ring sizers available to buy or download online.

Sable Clouds