Workshop Catalogue

This is the list of all the classes and courses I can offer at my workshop.  If you see a class or course that is not currently on my booking calendar just drop me a message HERE and we can sort out arranging something to suit you.

One off Workshops

stacking rings

image of a set of silver stacking rings

A great beginners workshop - make a set of three stcking rings.

bangle & charms

image of a silver bangle with circular charms

Learn how to shape, texture and solder to create a bangle with three charms attached.

ring & bangle

image of a silver ring and bangle

Another great beginner class - make a matching set of plain silver ring and bangle.

chunky band

image of two set of silver earrings

Create a thicker band and if you wish you can personalise by stamping.

Gemstone stacking rings

image of a set of gemstone and silver rings

Add a bit of colour to the stacking set by cretaing a set with a gemstone.

silver button ring

image of silver jewellery created with sea glass

Perfect taster session - create a simple band with a little button attached.

spinner ring

image of a silver spinner or meditation ring

Challenge your finishing skills and make a silver spinner ring with up to three spinning bands.

gemstone chunky ring

image of a gemstone silver ring

Choose from a selection of gemstones to create this chunky ring.

two pairs of earrings

image of silver earrings you can make in a workshop

Challenge yourself to make two pairs of earrings. 

drilled Sea glass

image of silver jewellery created with sea glass

Learn how to drill sea glass to add to either a pair of earrings or a pendant.

drilled sea glass bangle

image of a silver spinner or meditation ring

Learn to drill sea glass to create a beautiful bangle.

set sea glass ring

image of a silver sea glass ring

Turn your sea glass treasure into a wearable treasure.  Learn how to bezel set sea glass.

Please note that the skills you will be learning do require good eyesight and use of your hands.   If you have limited sight, and/or strength and dexterity issues please contact me before booking to ensure that I can support you in a safe and effective way (sometimes additional tools can be used to support, and these would need arranging before any workshop).  Additionally, a sustained level of concentration and patience is required as you will be following instruction, working independently and working for a prolonged period of time (various time lengths for different workshops).

As a former primary school teacher I am well versed in catering to different types of learners needs and want to make the joy of metalsmithing avaialble to all.  If you have and any additonal needs and know you will need support, supplying me with information will make your learning journey more accessable and enjoyable.